June 12, 2016 League 1 Ontario–Woodbridge Strikers vs Durham United FA

Result and details of the League 1 Ontario game between Woodbridge Strikers

 and Durham United FA played Sunday June 12, 2016 at Vaughan Grove

 in Woodbridge at 7:30pm.


2 min…DUFA Stefan Lamanna GOAL…DUFA Matt Stowell cornerkick from right

 has WS Joshua Portillo head ball away on left side. Lamanna at 15 yards

 turns on left and rolls low shot that banks off inside of right post.


8 min…DUFA Stefan Lamanna GOAL…Lamanna beats WS Cameron Brooks on rush

 down right side and low cross from 15 yards is stopped by WS Gabriel Sosa.

 Lamanna gets rebound and his low shot up middle from 12 yards is into

 right side of net beyond diving goalie Matt George.


60 min…WS Joshua Portillo is tripped on left side of box on run into

 DUFA box by DUFA Mike Direnzo. 

 Referee Ben Jacobs issues a Yellow card to Direnzo and awards

 a Penalty kick to WS.


61 min…WS Joshua Portillo blasts Penalty kick to left and flying

 goalie Ben Cowman bats down ball near left post then gets up to grab

 it on left side of box. A pushing match of players on both teams occurs. 

 WS RED card…WS Oscar Cordon is sent off for head butt on Cowman

 splitting his lip. (details provided to me by a DUFA parent). I’m not

 sure if the head butt started the pushing match or was during

 this incident.


Final Score:…Woodbridge Strikers….0…..Durham United FA……2…


Attendance was about 50 on this cool evening with an extremely strong

 and gusty wind from the north west.


I have been making comments on the crossfield winds for the three PDL

 matches I’d seen in the last week at the KIA Training Centre in Downsview

 but those were neutral because they were west winds and the field aligned

 north-south. Tonight the winds favoured the team defending the north end.

 Strikers played against the wind in the first half and were mostly pinned

 in their own end until the first two goals. Second half had DUFA facing

 the wind although they gained a huge advantage by playing up a man from

 just after the one hour mark. Kicks and clearances sent high from the

 south just died in the wind. A WS goalie’s punt in the second half

 bounced into the DUFA box that the goalie had to jump to catch.


Key moment of the match was the saved Penalty kick and then the Red card

 which hampered Woodbridge threats even with the winds at their back.


Referee Ben Jacobs gave out gave out only two Yellow cards (both to DUFA

 players) plus the Red to WS and the minute before awarded

 WS a Penalty kick.


Ben Cowman earned the shutout for DUFA. Matt George was sharp for WS after

 the surprise conceding of two goals (even after tonight’s game they have

 only given up five goals in seven games).


Best non-scoring chances were at 6 minutes when DUFA Christian Moncrieffe

 took a 35 yard freekick down the middle aided by the wind and the goalie

 palmed over the bar. 17 minutes had DUFA Jordan Dover received a high

 cross from 20 yards on the left and his one-touch 8 yard shot up the middle

 had the goalie make a great foot save. 38 minutes had WS Tristan Watson

 in the middle at 25 yards pass right for WS Oscar Cordon and he shot

 a low 12 yarder that the sliding goalie saved at 7 yards. The next minute

 had DUFA Bruce Cullen take a 20 yard freekick from the right that bent

 to the left post and the flying goalie made the save. A minute later

 DUFA Moncrieffe rolled a 15 yarder from the left that the diving goalie

 saved at 5 yards in the center of the box. 67 minutes had DUFA Dover

 take a 30 yard freekick down the middle into the wind that hit the

 right post.


I arrived just after the League 1 Ontario Women’s game ended. Woodbridge

 beat Darby FC 14-0 with Jessica Lisi scoring seven goals! Today’s

 WS linescore listed two players from the now defunct W-League Toronto

 Lady Lynx and one other W-League player. I just don’t have time to go

 to follow the women’s games with me taking in TFC, TFC II, TFC PDL, and

 Men’s League 1 Ontario games. Last Saturday I was in the Press box

 at BMO Field for the Canadian National women against Brazil. I will try

 to attend the women’s L1O Cup final on Saturday July 30th.


Woodbridge suffers their first loss of the year and their record falls

 to 5 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie for 16 points.


Durham United’s record climbs to an identical 5 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie

 for 16 points although they are listed after Woodbridge in second place

 because of Woodbridge’s better goal differential.


Vaughan Azzurri won last night 4-3 against Master’s FA Saints and took

 over first place with a 5 win, 0 loss, 2 tie record for 17 points.

 These three teams have opened up a gap in the standings and are currently

 the only contenders to finish first and play the winner of the West

 for the championship at the end of the season.


The Eastern teams are the only contenders left for the League 1 Ontario

 Cup because in first round action, the eight Eastern teams beat the

 eight Western teams to advance to the quarterfinals.

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