July 6, 2016 USL–Toronto FC II vs Bethlehem Steel FC

Results and details of the Wednesday July 6, 2016 USL game between Toronto FC II and Bethlehem Steel FC played at The Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 7:30pm.


1 min 30 sec…TFC Luca Uccello GOAL…TFC Bubacarr Jobe intercepts ball at BSFC 40 yard line and runs up right and centers pass from 30 yards and TFC Sal Bernal stops it at 20 yards, turns and rolls short centering pass to Uccello who at 18 yards kicks low shot up middle into right corner of net past diving goalie.


12 min…TFC Bubacarr Jobe GOAL…TFC Shaan Hundal at 70 yards on left sends low pass upfield that bounces at center line between BSFC defenders Auston Trusty and Anderson Conceicao and Jobe charges up middle to get to ball at 28 yard line and steps around charging goalie Samir Badr who bumps into Conceicao and Jobe rolls 22 yarder from right into open net.


38 min…BSFC Ryan Richter GOAL…Richter takes 25 yard freekick up the middle that bends into the left

 side of net beyond flying goalie Phil Di Bennardo.


61 min…TFC Liam Fraser GOAL…TFC Luca Uccello takes 20 yard freekick from even with left post and it hits a player in the chest of the eight man wall and bounces out to middle for Fraser to blast rebound low between players into left corner of net past diving goalie on possible deflection.


65 min…BSFC Joshua Heard GOAL…BSFC Anthony Fontana cornerkick from right is partially cleared and

 BSFC Auston Trusty retreats to collect ball at 25 yards on left and taps ball forward for

  BSFC James Chambers at 20 yards on left and crosses from left edge of box at 8 yard line and Heard

 steps behind defender to shoot 5 yarder down middle into left side of net.


Final Score:….Toronto FC II…….3……..Bethlehem Steel FC………1…….


Attendance was announced as 1064 on this hot and humid evening with the threat of rain predicted

 all day that might have scared some potential fans away tonight. A light rain did start to fall

 at about the 55 minute mark but stopped in less than 15 minutes then held off until the game ended.


This was the first time this season that TFC II have scored at least three goals.


Scoring the first two goals early certainly helped the team build confidence after enduring not winning

 in almost a month—one tie and four losses.



Referee Justin Tasev gave out only two Yellow cards tonight (one to each team) in a game that never

 got rough.


TFC II actually had a shorter bench than the visitors with only four outfield players and an extra goalie.

 Callups to their MSL team and injuries have cut into their roster. In the stands were midfielders

 Raheem Edwards and Adam Bouchard. I asked them why they weren’t playing. Bouchard said he’s

 recovering from injury and Edwards answered that he’s signed another four day MLS contract (his third

 of the maximum four he can sign during a season). His first was during the midweek Amway Canadian

 Championship game away to Vancouver and his second was to play in last Saturday’s home game

 against Seattle. This week will allow him to play in their home game on Saturday against Chicago.


Only worrisome roster action is midfielder Chris Mannella was only brought into the game at 86 minutes.


 He often would be the team captain so I don’t know if he’s fallen off the radar or recovering from injury.

 Midfielder Leonard Sohn who I’ve watched this season with their PDL team did not make his

 USL debut tonight.


Best non-scoring chances of the game were at 8 minutes when BSFC Ryan Richter crossed from 25 yards

 on the right and the goalie palmed the ball over the top left corner of the net. 15 minutes had

 TFC Aidan Daniels take a cornerkick from the right which had a charging TFC Liam Fraser chest a 5 yarder

 forward that the goalie caught on the left side of the net. 43 minutes had BSFC James Chambers blast

 a 40 yarder up the middle between players and the flying goalie knocked down on the right post and

 had time to get back up and pick up the ball along the right end line. 54 minutes had TFC Bubacarr Jobe

 cross from 22 yards on the right and TFC Shaan Hundal flicked a header from 12 yards up the middle

 that the goalie caught. 82 minutes had TFC Brian James take a 22 yard freekick on the far left through

 the players in the 6 yard box and TFC Fraser in the middle ducked and couldn’t quite turn a header

 into the right side of the net. The next minute BSFC Gabriel Gissie ran up the left and his low cross

 from 15 yards near the left end line had TFC Skylar Thomas concede a cornerkick with a dangerous blast

 from 8 yards that almost caught the left side of his net. Injury time had a very strange occurrence.

 BSFC Taylor Washington was injured at the BSFC 10 yard line on the right side. The referee waved the

 trainer on but the BSFC goalie dragged him by the heels off the field to get on with the game. The referee

 called a drop ball and TFC Ayo Akinola tapped the ball past the BSFC player (most of the other BSFC players

 were upfield waiting for a punt). Akinola continued his run and rolled the ball to TFC Jobe at 15 yards along the 6 yard line. Jobe rounded the sprawling goalie and took a 10 yard shot that a BSFC defender headed away at 3 yards and TFC Sal Bernal took a 15 yard shot up the middle that was caught by the scrambling goalie who slid back to the center of the box to make the catch at 3 yards. He then dribbled the ball himself upfield but the referee stopped the game by the time he reached the BSFC 40 yard line.


The BSFC roster includes ex MLS TFC/Ottawa Fury player Ryan Richter who anchors their backline and

 is the team captain. Their player Helbert Frederico Carriera Da Silva was better known as ‘Fred’ back

 in his days in the MLS.


They also have Josua Heard who although born in Wales grew up in Victoria BC and played for the

 Highlanders of the PDL. Raheem Taylor-Parkes was born in Mississauga and spent some time with

 TFC Academy.


Bethlehem Steel FC in Bethlehem is north of Philadelphia on the east side of Pennsylvania. Their roster

 on the USLsoccer site lists 37 players and 23 of them are listed as coming from the Union or the

 Philadelphia Union Academy as ‘previous club’. They are a new team to USL this season but is trying

 to build on the reputation of a team that existed there from 1907 to 1930 ran by the Bethlehem Steel

 corporation, the famous steel and shipbuilding manufacturer.


TFC II’s record improves to 4 wins, 11 losses, 4 ties for 16 points and they climb to eleventh place

 in the fourteen team Eastern Conference. Their next game is Sunday July 10th away in Harrisburg

 which is the team they just passed tonight. TFC’s trouble is they’ve played at least three games more

 than all the playoff teams they’re chasing and will likely run out of gains trying the catch the eighth

 and final playoff spot.


BSFC’s record falls to 4 wins, 6 losses, 6 ties for 18 points and hold at eleventh place (so yes, TFC has

 to eventually pass them).


TFC II’s next home game is Wednesday July 20th against defending USL champs Rochester Rhinos

 although that team was the last one they beat before the losing streak they just ended.

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