July 4, 2016 League 1 Ontario–Toronto Skillz FC vs Sanjaxx Lions

Result and details of the League 1 Ontario game between Toronto Skillz FC and Sanjaxx Lions

 played Monday 4, 2016 at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough at 8:00pm.


6 min…T Skillz Liam Cox GOAL…TS Ryan Reid takes long throw-in from 15 yard line

 on left over to right side of box and Cox heads in 5 yarder forward to right side of net.


21 min…T Skillz Mitchell Wong GOAL…TS Ryan Reid gives short pass from far right

 to TS Sameer Fathazada who centers pass to Wong who gets 6 yard low shot up middle

 into left side of net past diving goalie Matt Zaikos.


37 min…Sanjaxx Hilliard Serrao GOAL…SL Darren Billy low cross from 20 yards on left

 has SL Bryan Uyiosa in crowd of players in center of box at 8 yards tip pass over

 to Serrao who shoots 8 yarder on right into short corner of net between post

 and goalie Khadar Caesar-Thompson.


68 min…T Skillz Michael Jahshan GOAL…TS Mario Ramalho steals ball off

 SL Hilliard Serrao at TS 45 yard line and rushes down right wing and sends

 low cross through players and Jahshan slides and shoots low 15 yarder from

 even with left post between players to right corner of net.


Final Score:…Toronto Skillz FC……3….Sanjaxx Lions……1……


Attendance was about 80 on this mild evening with a setting sun in the north west.


This game was originally scheduled for Saturday night but was bumped for the

 Robbie tournament with a few days notice because of what I heard was

 a Dwayne De Rosario celeb game. It worked out for me because I was at the

 TFC vs Seattle MLS game that night.


 Referee Marc Henoud gave out only one Yellow card all night (to Toronto Skillz)

 in a game that was more wide open than hard checking.

Skillz dominated most of the first half. Sameer Pathazada took most of the

 corners and Ryan Reid the freekicks. Reid could take a long throw-in like

 many players take cornerkicks. These would be high and land in the middle

 of the box. The goal at 6 minutes was almost duplicated at least three times

 later in the game. This skill certainly reminded me of former player

 Adrian Serioux.


Sanjaxx had most of their offence carried out by Hilliard Serrao but he reminded

 me of the current form of Sebastian Giovinco trying to do too much by himself.

 Only Bryan Uyiosa was successful sending him balls.


Best non-scoring chances were at 15 minutes when TS Sameer Fathazada sent

 in a cornerkick from the left that had TS Terence Bernard head a 7 yarder from

 the right that the goalie was able to save. 28 minutes had TS Fathazada take

 a low 22 yard shot from the left that the diving goalie was able to push wide

 right of the post. 42 minutes had SL Brian Uyiosa send in a cornerkick from

 the right that had the goalie catch in a crowd of players. 63 minutes had

 SL Babour Zorimullah take a 45 yard freekick down the middle that the goalie

 caught and survived SL Luke Mellon crashing into him at 3 yards although

 it was Mellon who was injured and needed the trainer. 76 minutes had SL Serrao

 not able to get away a clear shot from 25 yards so tapped the ball over

 to SL Uyiosa whose shot down the middle was caught by the goalie diving

 to the right.


Tonight was the first win (in League play) for Toronto Skillz in their first

 year in League 1 Ontario. They won a first round League Cup game just over

 a month ago. Sanjaxx have won only one game this season so this was certainly

 not a meeting of powerhouses. Lions had scored only five goals in seven

 games until tonight.


Interesting that as Raheem Edwards made his MLS debut on Saturday with

 Toronto FC—-with history being airbrushed (even on Wikipedia) that he came

 through their system, the truth is he got his start in League 1 Ontario

 playing for Internacional de Toronto in 2014—-a franchise that folded

 mid-season then completed that year with ANB Futbol. Maybe there

 is an unpolished gem on one of tonight’s teams.


Lions used twin brother defenders Charles and Michael Jia as cornerbacks. 


Toronto Skillz record improves to 1 win, 9 losses, 1 tie for four points

 but surprizingly pull into a tie for sixth place (out of eight teams)

 in the Eastern Conference with both Aurora United and Masters FA Saints

 who have played one less game and have one less loss. Those three teams

 are in their own standings ghetto with the fifth place team already

 having 14 points.


Sanjaxx stay last/eighth in the West with a record of one win,

 seven losses, no ties for three points.

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