July 3, 2016 League 1 Ontario–Woodbridge Strikers vs North Mississauga Panthers

Result and details of the League 1 Ontario game between Woodbridge Strikers

 and North Mississauga Panthers played Sunday July 3, 2016 at Vaughan Grove

 in Vaughan at 7:00pm.


27 min…NMP Jose De Sousa GOAL…NMP De Sousa gets to loose ball up middle

 and shoots low 20 yarder into left corner of net beyond diving goalie

 Matt George with NMP Jose Melo acting as a distraction while on his back

 clutching his leg and yelling in pain at 18 yards after being tackled.


83 min…NMP Johnson Amoo GOAL…NMP Samuel Paul receives long pass up right

 at 20 yards and sends low cross into box. Amoo shoots 10 yarder from middle

 into right side of net beyond sprawling goalie.


Final Score:….Woodbridge Strikers….0….North Mississauga Panthers……2….


Attendance was about 100 on this hot evening with a bright sun in the

 north west. It still wasn’t dark by the time the game ended. The Strikers

 Women’s team had just finished beating FC London 2-0 in League 1 Ontario

 action one hour before this game started.


Referee Fabrizio Stasolla gave out five Yellow cards (three to the Panthers)

 although most–for both teams–were for professional fouls like pulling a man

 down outside the box so he wouldn’t get away or time wasting.


Daniel Gosciniak earned the shutout for NMP. He had a few key saves to make but

 if there was ever a clean sheet given out to all the defenders, this was

 the night. There were all kinds of blocked shots, clean sliding tackles

 to strip the ball, and multi defenders swarming to prevent Strikers players

 getting away shots. Tom Wrobel, Austin Bryan, Kevin Dhillon, and Antoine Paul

 were the starting defenders and played all played the entire 90 minutes.


Strikers were frustrated and this was concluded with an injury time chest

 high cross that found Nicholas Chiarot with an open space in the NMP box.

 He twisted to get the ball and it hit him on the arm. He didn’t protest the

 referee’s whistle and the crowd let out a groan as it was one of those

 nights. They’d given up on the homer shouts of “call it both ways ref”

 and cries for freekicks as time ran down.


Best non-scoring chances were at 3 minutes when WS Darian Bygrave crossed

 through the NMP box from the right and WS Dylan Carreiro blasted a 10 yard

 shot from the far left well over the net. 24 minutes had NMP Jose Melo’s

 freekick tapped to NMP Jose De Sousa whose 20 yard shot pinballed off

 a few defenders and himself and his 15 yard rebound shot was low and wide

 right. 42 minutes had WS Stephen Almeida make a long run on the right and

 crossed into the NMP box and WS Gabriel Sosa leaned in for a header at 10 yards

 but it appeared to hit the back of his head and deflected out of the box.

 84 minutes had WS Ignazio Muccilli take a low 10 yard shot from the right

 that forced the goalie to make a point blank save at 7 yards. Two minutes

 later WS Mikateko Zwane was just a step behind connecting on a cross

 at 4 yards which he tried to chest in and fell over the goalie.

 87 minutes had WS Muccilli take a cornerkick from the left which

 the goalie made an overhead catch then survive a bump at 1 yard although

 he won a freekick from the referee. 88 minutes had NMP Melo blast a WS

 clearance ball from 28 yards down the middle that the goalie palmed upward

 and caught on the way down ahead of a charging NMP player.


Woodbridge Strikers record drops to 8 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie for 25 points

 but hold on to first place in the East by one point over Vaughan Azzurri

 who won against Western Conference first place team Sigma FC earlier today.

 Azzurri have a game in hand on Strikers.


North Mississauga Panthers record improves to 4 wins, 3 ties, 4 losses

 for 16 points and a tie for fourth with Windsor Stars who lost this afternoon.

 Panthers have had a very good week with a 1-1 tie last week against Vaughan

 Azzurri although I was a little reluctant with my praise because they played

 a man up for most of the second half. They won their Wednesday night game

 against Toronto Skillz 3-0. I commented to Panthers head coach Rick Titus

 that they are getting better and he agreed that it’s just taken some time.

 Since you must win the conference to make the playoffs, Panthers have a long

 way to go to catch Sigma FC at 27 points although that team lost their second

 game in a row to fall to 9-2-0. All eight of the West Conference teams were

 knocked out of the League Cup in the first round so this is all they have

 left to play for.

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