FC Edmonton needs Happy Thoughts

I could choose to be sad, or I could choose to be happy, and today I’m going to choose to be happy.

Ottawa came in with the advantage. We wanted it, but they wanted it more. I’ll generally resist the urge to talk about hockey, but attention was most certainly elsewhere in the city that night. Everyone knew it.

Tough luck for the Eddies, and tough luck for the Oilers.

We could talk about the tough play by [Player name deleted for the sake of courtesy], but Ottawa could talk about boneheaded if push came to shove. At least we had a laugh at ol’ Bud Light Lime between the sticks back there. Give him credit, he had a good series (As an Eddie, I hate his fucking guts. But as a Voyageur – Irving, I like what I see).

We could talk about a questionable handball (ballhand, sorry Mr. Referee and the curious case of instant replay).

We could talk about Colin Miller, and whether or not he is truly a coach capable of generating an offensively competent team – but I won’t go down this rabbit hole quite yet either.

We could talk about how Dos Santos was legitimately injured on his goal and how it’s not exactly classy to yell at a player when he’s legitimately injured.

We could talk about how Diakite may not have deserved the second yellow, but he more than deserved the first.

The grass (unfortunately, Tracy) can always be greener, and house could always be cleaner. At least Nick Ledgerwood had a nice assist.

Sometimes, you gotta just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Hey, it’s not like we’ve had a shortage of good news this week. There was a saying something along the lines of things always take longer than you think they’re going to take, even when you take this into account.

Hopefully, the best business move possible for Tom Fath will be to move to CPL.  How that will happen, I don’t know.  But I hope that it does.

At least now we can get an accurate gauge on any potential “CPL bump” Edmonton might receive.

At least Edmonton is getting a baby brother in the east, and one in the center (Looking at you, Hamilton, Winnipeg).

One way or another, I sure as fuck can’t wait to see another leg of the Canadian Championship played against a team from an area like Winnipeg, or a city like Hamilton. That’s a couple of battle-tested cheekbones and one hard nose right in the middle of this country. If the dominoes continue to fall at this rate alone, I’ll be ecstatic.

I’ve had more than a positive response from young euro soccer fans in this country. They’re paying attention. Sure, some hearts and minds will have to be won over, but it’ll be easier than I think you think.   Remember Gladwell’s “the tipping point” (for those of you who’ve read it).

But at the same time steel yourself for what’s ahead. If you’re anything like me (and you must be, we’re all human so we’ve got that) you’ve already had some tough times. Many in this province are currently experiencing those tough times. There are gonna be many more of these and we’re just going to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

We’re just going to do the hard thing and take the dog for a walk in the pink onezie that prevents her from ripping out her stitches even though it makes us feel awkward when the guy with the souped up truck drives by because the manly thing to do is help your wife when she’s trying her best.

And we’re gonna need another drum.

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Guillermo Del Quarto

Guillermo Del Quarto

Guillermo Quarto hails from the wilderness city, Whitehorse, Yukon – In Canada’s great white north. He is heavily involved with his hometown club of Whitehorse FC, as well as the world-renowned Yukon Soccer Metro League. He is an amateur artist hoping to leave his mark on the tapestry that is Canadian Soccer. He spends his summers in Edmonton, Alberta with his lovely wife, is an active Voyageur, and FC Edmonton Supporter.

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