Durham United vs Oakville Blue Devils: Match Report (July 4, 2015)

Results and details of the Saturday July 4, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Durham United FC
and Oakville Blue Devils played at the Pickering Soccer Centre in Pickering at 8:00pm.

8 min…OBD Khody Ellis GOAL…After short OBD cornerkick from right, OBD Taylor McNamara rolls
ball from 18 yards short and upfield and OBD Eric Crawford rolls cross from 12 yards on right
along 6 yard line and Ellis shoots 6 yarder up middle into top right side of net.

43 min…DUFC Le Rohne Young GOAL… DUFC Jordan Dover crosses from 25 yards on right and Young
chests ball down at 15 yards and shoots low shot from left into right side of net past goalie
Daniel Voci.

45 min…OBD Gary Giffin GOAL…Giffin and Anthony Novak line up to take freekick at 25 yards
up middle and Giffin steps up to blasts shot to right side. Goalie Ben Cowman flies to get
a hand to it but he deflects it to the underside of the bar and into net.

58 min…OBD Filipe Vilela GOAL…OBD Gary Giffin sends in cross from right and Vilela gets
to high bouncer and kicks 12 yarder over goalie at 8 yards and ball bounces into net.

75 min…DUFC Zackariae Mahrady GOAL…DUFC Le Rohne Young low cross from 22 yards on right
and Mahrady reaches around defender to roll 12 yard shot into right side of net.

90 min…DUFC RED card…Taylor Lord earns direct ejection for a sliding tackle on Christian
Kusiewicz who had to leave to be treated for a bloody nose. Lord was wearing what looked
like a huge red oven mitt to protect his broken hand picked up three weeks ago.

95 min…OBD GOAL…Khody Ellis GOAL…OBD Gary Giffin gets pushed over but gets ball away
at 50 yards on left. OBD Filipe Vilela pushes ball forward to Ellis who after short run
shoots 15 yarder on right into net.

99 min…OBD Filipe Vilela GOAL…OBD Al James long run up left and rolls centering pass
from 10 yards and Vilela rolls in 10 yarder to center of net.

101 min…game ends…(originally 6 minutes of injury time was going to be added but a dust
up at 90 minutes further added to that time).

Final Score:…..Durham United FC…….2……Oakville Blue Devils……..5……

Attendance eventually reached almost 200 as there were parents and kids from local soccer
academies being presented with awards.

This game was very rough (worse than the Sigma vs Sanjaxx game that I’d just driven through
Toronto to get here). That game was more of clumsy challenges. Referee Armando Perriera
gave out six Yellow cards that I counted—four to the Blue Devils as well as the DUFC
Red card.

Best non-scoring chances were at 22 minutes when DUFC Kristian Lee-him passed forward
to DUFC Bruce Cullen who has 20 yard shot pushed wide right by flying goalie at 15 yards.
51 minutes had DUFC Joseph Roccasalva take a cornerkick from the right and a DUFC player
headed a 10 yarder down the middle and OBD Al James headed away from the right post.
One minute later Roccasalva took another cornerkick from the right that had DUFC Joe Zupo
head an 8 yarder off the bar and the ball was cleared. These two DUFC misses when they
were only trailing 2-1 appeared to change the whole game.

This game was played at The Pickering Soccer Centre which is an indoor facility rather
than Kinsmen Park which is still recovering from the winter and now a weekend’s worth
of rain last week. Next Friday’s game will be played at the Oshawa Civic Centre (which
is artificial turf).

Oakville’s record improves to 9 wins, 1 tie, 0 losses for 27 points and good for first
place (now eight points higher than second place Vaughan Azzurri who tied in their
game today). Durham has their record fall to 5 wins, 2 ties, 3 losses and stays
in third place.

Rogers Community channel was filming the game and will broadcast this at 10:00pm on Tuesday
night for viewers in the Durham area. The League 1 Ontario women’s game will be shown
at 8:00pm the same night.

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Robin Glover

Robin Glover

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