Durham United FC vs Master’s FA Saints‏: Match Report (Sept. 11, 2015)

Result and details of the Friday September 11, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Durham United FC
and Master’s FA Saints played at Pickering Soccer Centre in Pickering at 7:00pm.*

12th min…DUFC Justin Gordon GOAL…DUFC Kashiff De Jonge on the left side shoots ball and Gordon
redirects ball from 6 yards into right side of net.

40th min…DUFC Matt Stowell GOAL…Stowell shoots Penalty kick to bottom left corner as goalie
Shane Lopez dives right.

47 min…DUFC Kristian Lee-him GOAL…DUFC Joseph Roccasalva rolls pass in middle from 28 yards
and Lee-him fires shot up middle low to right corner of goal past diving goalie.

52 min…MAF Tyrell Rayne GOAL…Rayne on run down right blasts 28 yard shot to top left corner
of net over goalie Eugene Alves.

60 min…MAF Levonte Johnson GOAL…MAF Nima Najafi cornerkick from left has Johnson head 8 yarder
up middle just under bar in center of net.

62 min…MAF Adam Waithe GOAL…MAF Darnell Peterkin rolls pass forward from 25 yards up middle
that Waithe shoots low 15 yard shot into right side of net.

71 min…DUFC (MAF own goal) GOAL…DUFC Bruce Cullen from right has MAF defender head 8 yarder
from right backwards into own net just under bar.

93 min…MAF RED card…Michael Valenti earns his second Yellow card for dissent.  (Referee
Jonathan Carter answered me after the game that his first Yellow card was also earned for dissent).

Final Score:…….Durham United………4…….Master’s FA Saints…….3…….

*I only saw the second half of this game as I drove to Kinsmen Park in Pickering and found
there was no one on the soccer field where they often play.  Somewhere between a 11:00am league
tweet and a new tweet at 12:00pm the venue was changed.   So it happened for my 38th
League 1 Ontario game that I get faked out to the wrong stadium or a cancelled game.
Thanks for some parents, team officials and game officials for helping me piece together
the first half.

Attendance was about 80 people on this evening game.  As an indoor facility there was
no concern about the weather although a light rain did start outside soon after the
game ended.   Another clue I should have taken from certain tweets was the announced post game
fundraiser ‘9pm presentation “JERASSIC WORLD”‘ (sic) which would have been tough to pull off
outdoors except at a drive-in theatre.

Master’s scored three times in ten minutes in the second half in a concentration lapse
by DUFC.  DUFC were able to swing the momentum back in their favour but the own goal
seemed to deflate Master’s and DUFC had the best chances after that to increase their lead
with some counterattacks caused by Master’s pressing for a tieing goal.

The win moves Durham up to fourth place with a record of 11 wins, 2 draws and 7 losses
for 35 points in 20 games.  Tonight they rise from seventh passing Sigma FC and
Woodbridge Strikers.  They have only two games left so can’t pass Oakville Blue Devils
who have 46 points and are the strong favourites for the championship.

Master’s record falls to 0 wins, 3 ties, and 15 losses.  They are tied for eleventh
in the twelve team league with Sanjaxx Lions.  Sanjaxx have one win for 3 points
and that was over Master’s.  Those teams are scheduled to play each other once
again on October 3rd which will decide the wooden spoon if there is one.

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Robin Glover

Robin Glover

Robin has been writing about soccer in the Toronto area for message boards and his own website since the early 1990s in the days of 2400 baud modems to USENET sites. In the 2014 season he attended 76 games in various leagues that played in the GTA area. Follow Robin on Twitter and on his website

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