Durham United FA vs Aurora United FC: April 29, 2016

Result and details of the League 1 Ontario game between Durham United Football Alliance and Aurora United FC played Friday April 29, 2016 at Pickering Soccer Centre in Pickering at 8:00pm.


11 min…Aurora Lucas Azeredo GOAL…AUFC Jonathan Parolini centers from 25 yards on the right. AUFC Frederick Amevaw taps pass to Azeredo on left and he blasts 10 yarder into top middle of net over goalie Eugene Alves.


48 min…DUFA Eddie Lay GOAL…DUFA Joseph Roccasalva gives short pass from 18 yards on right and Lay blasts 15 yarder upmiddle bending ball into top left side of net past goalie Duncan Jobson.


74 min…DUFA Eddie Lay GOAL…DUFA Christian Moncrieffe takes 35 yard freekick from left that has Lay kick 12 yarder through crowd of players into left side of net.


Final Score:…Durham United FA……..2……Aurora United FC…….1…..


Attendance was about 100 as the night wore on at this indoor facility. The game had originally been scheduled for Kinsmen Park in Pickering as late as the beginning of the week but I read a re-tweet from the DUFA goalie reminding followers to be here instead. I’d been faked out once last season so checked around and reminded the league admins to update their site. I was glad it was indoors as the temperature fell to 5oC by the time I got home.


Referee Alexis Vaughan gave out eight Yellow cards that I counted, all in the second half and five to Aurora. This game got rough at times. Aurora’s Kaleb Powell had to change shirts at the 6 minute mark when his #9 got ripped from collar to chest in a skirmish. Aurora’s Lucas Azeredo was tackled at 80 minutes so hard that it blew his shoe off and earned a Yellow for the DUFC player. Less than one minute later another tackle from behind to Azeredo drew another Yellow card after he’d only run 10 yards upfield.


Best non-scoring chances were at 24 minutes when DUFA Kashif De Jonge received a long pass from near the center line and blasted a low 20 yarder off the outside of the right post. 36 minutes had DUFA Joseph Roccasalva blast a 20 yarder up the middle off the bar. Two minutes later Roccasalva crossed the ball after a run on the left and De Jonge kicked a 10 yarder over the net. The next minute Roccasalva rushed up the middle and rolled the ball to De Jonge on the left and he blasted a 12 yard shot into the short wide webbing of the net. 68 minutes had Zakariae Mahrady blast a 25 yard shot from the right that the goalie palmed over the bar.


I felt Durham looked like the better team from the 20 minute mark onward.  I felt Aurora wouldn’t get the tying goal unless it came against the run of play. 


Aurora had a few freekicks and cornerkicks blown down in the DUFA box for pushing incidents. The DUFA goalie came out to 15 yards twice to grab some bouncing balls a split second before an Aurora player could get to them.


Eddie Lay immediately becomes the league’s leading scorer with two goals. He is new to the team coming from the nearby West Rouge Under 21s. Many of the other players I recognize from last year including captain Taylor Lord, twin brothers Le Rohne and Le Shaun Young, goalie Eugene Alves, Bruce Cullen, Joseph Roccasalva, Christian Moncrieffe, Justin Gordon and Taejon Mikle-Ryan. The team will be even stronger with the return of Matt Stowell whose father reminded me that he is serving a one game suspension carried over from last season.


Aurora United is one of the new teams to the league this year. They have no players I recognized except captain Jonathan Parolini who played for Woodbridge Strikers last year. Head coach Jimmy Brennan is a former Canadian National player and played with Toronto FC of MLS and then coached TFC Academy teams for a few years. Technical director David DiPlacido was listed as a sub but I didn’t see him on the bench. He played for Toronto Lynx in the A-League and was listed decades older than any other player as a ‘1977’.


Durham United moves into first place in the Eastern Conference. Geography has the split between the eight teams in each conference running right down Yonge Street in the center of Toronto. Tony Laferrera who was actually coach of the women’s League 1 team last year said to make sure I write that he expects DUFA to win the league this year! That’s pretty confident but I’ll wait until I see some of the other teams play before I offer a prediction.


League chair Dino Rossi says this full game will be available in the next few days on their own You Tube channel. I’d asked him earlier in the evening if there had been any professional players last season. His answer was ‘no’. I said there may have been some as I knew some players worked in teams’ summer camps and coached in their youth academies so we both said ‘yes if you consider that as professional’. This year there may finally be some pros—(my opinion) just me looking at some league team profiles on the site.  I know the league introduces themselves as a semi-pro league so I’m sure they’ll be proud to announce that when it happens.

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