Durham remains undefeated after stalemate with Kingston

Results and details of the Friday May 15, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Durham United FC and Kingston Clippers played at Civic Field #5 in Oshawa at 8:00pm.

Final Score:……Durham United FC……..0……Kingston Clippers…….0…….

No scoring in tonight’s game but it certainly wasn’t dull.  A Clippers player hit the DUFC bar at the 20 second
mark but then DUFC had the better chances for the next 25 minutes but play leveled out for the rest of the game
with plenty of attacks and counterattacks.

Ben Cowman earned the shutout for DUFC while Max Materne did the same for the Clippers.  They both had good
defenders protecting them but had to make some point blank saves.

Referee Micheal Steinbring gave out only two Yellow cards—both to DUFC in a game that wasn’t rough   DUFC Bruce Cullen had to be carried from the field at 51 minutes with a leg injury and at 89 minutes Clippers Eric Koskins suffered the same fate.

Best chances were at 63 minutes when Clippers Eric Koskins got to a through ball pass while even with a DUFC defender and took a 20 yard shot up the middle freezing the goalie at 16 yards but he slid to make a point blank save.
72 minutes had DUFC Marcus Lees and Martinho Dumevski work a give and go up the middle and Lees shot a low 18 yarder that the sprawling goalie saved.  Less than a minute later Clippers Ryan McCurdy got in a flying header at 15 yards that had been crossed in from 35 yards and it just flew over the bar.

Attendance was about 250 on this game moved on two week’s notice from Kinsmen’s Park as that field is in bad shape recovering from the long, cold winter.  Tonight’s venue was built within the last five years from what I remember as a parking lot beside the Oshawa Civic Centre (a since demolished hockey arena).  This was not the 3000 seat concrete-stands soccer field (that’s now one of the other numbered fields) where the Durham/Oshawa CNSL/CPSL teams over past years played.    Tonight’s #5 had portable aluminum bleachers which were quite full.

Big difference between last week’s under 100 was the youth teams and parents in attendance especially from
Oshawa Kicks.  Many of those kids were girls which bodes well for the Durham United women’s team which starts
play in League 1 Ontario next week.  There was a press conference at the beginning of the month where the
Pickering Soccer Club was to unite with other neighbouring clubs the provide development opportunities to local
elite level players.  Oshawa Kicks Soccer Club and West Rouge Soccer Club has been brought in.  Now I can see
why the League 1 Ontario team was named ‘Durham United FC’ last year.

DUFC remains undefeated with a now 2 win, 1 tie, 0 loss record while Clippers record improves to 0 win, 2 ties, 1 loss.

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Robin Glover

Robin Glover

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