Canadian Premier League – The Story So Far

Ever since the Canadian Soccer Association placed a moratorium on new applications for professional Canadian soccer teams entering an American league in 2010, speculation has swirled regarding the creation of a Canadian professional soccer league. For many, this has been an agonizing six years of watchful waiting, hoping for reason to believe a league is on its way. For many others who had witnessed previous attempts at a national professional soccer league fail, this was a topic to be treated with cynicism and incredulity. Today, at the Canadian Soccer Association’s board of governors meeting, a vote will take place to ratify the league that has been years in the making, the Canadian Premier League. We here at NSXI wanted to take a look back at how we got here, and to provide context for those hearing about the Canadian Premier League for the first time. This timeline article will trace what has been reported publicly about the Canadian Premier League since 2010 to the present day, and will be followed by monthly updates to track more news as it emerges.

Update 2016/12/11: I have received some requests asking for sources for some points of this timeline. In case it was not clear, every date that is highlighted in blue is a link to the source. Enjoy!

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Kevin Senior

Kevin Senior

Kevin is a final year medical student with a love for the beautiful game. His main distraction from the world of medicine is reading and writing about Canadian soccer, primarily the yet to be launched Canadian Premier League. Ambitions include living long enough to see Canada in the World Cup

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