August 23, 2016 League 1 Ontario–TFC Academy vs Oakville Blue Devils

Result and details of the Tuesday August 23, 2016 League 1 Ontario game between TFC Academy and Oakville Blue Devils

played at the Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 8:00pm.


6 min…OBD Khody Ellis given long pass upfield at 20 yards and TFCA goalie Brogan Engbers who was out

to 15 yards bumps him over on left side of box.  Referee John Valhos gave Engbers a Yellow card and awarded

OBD a Penalty kick.


7 min…OBD Judah Hernandez GOAL…Hernandez blasts Penalty kick to left as goalie crumples in center of net.


34 min…OBD Tarik Roberts GOAL…With OBD Taylor McNamara acting as a decoy, Roberts lofts 20 yard freekick

down middle into top left corner of net out of the reach of the goalie.


69 min…TFCA Richie Ennin GOAL…Ennin dribbles in from right side of box between defenders and past goalie

Karman Saini to roll 8 yard shot into left side of net.


81 min…TFCA Richie Ennin GOAL…TFCA Afram Gorgees gives Ennin short pass on right and he rushes between

defenders and his 10 yard shot is into the left side of the net.


84 min…OBD Blake Jones GOAL…OBD Tarik Roberts on rush from 30 yards on left passes ball to Jones in open

who blasts 15 yard shot down middle over goalie and just under bar in center of net.


Final Score:……..TFC Academy………2………Oakville Blue Devils………3…..


Attendance eventually climbed to about 90 by the end of the first half on this mild evening cooling enough

for fans to retreat to their cars to unpack sweatshirts and windbreakers at halftime.


Referee John Vlahos gave out six Yellow cards that I counted (three to each team) in a game that was mostly

wide open. Both teams were frustrated with the number of offside calls against them.


This is the Oakville team I remember last year when they won the L1O league championship while this year

they are languishing with a slightly less than 50/50 record. I’m sure there have been times this year when they’d

have settled for a 2-2 tie when TFCA scored late but tonight they to went back upfield and scored the winner

three minutes later.


Richie Ennin looked good for TFCA scoring both their goals on very similar plays with a lot of individual dribbling

between defenders that made them happen. This was Ennin’s fifth game for their L1O side. The USL website

lists him as appearing in four games although they add up to 90 minutes of playing time. The PDL site shows him

playing 13 games out of the 14 game schedule for their team (that’s where I remember seeing him the most).


I caught TFC II coach Jason Bent at halftime who was watching from the stands. He answered me that NONE

of tonight’s players would be playing in tomorrow night’s USL game against New York Red Bulls II. I suspect

that’s one reason they only had five subs listed.


Best non-scoring chances were at 23 minutes when OBD Khody Ellis got to a pass up the middle and rolled

a 20 yarder under the diving goalie and the ball hit the outside of the right post for a cornerkick. 47 minutes

had TFCA Cyrus Rollocks roll a cross unplayed along the 6 yard line from the left that no one on either

team found.  52 minutes had Rollocks rush to a pass at 7 yards on the left and his low shot was stopped

by the goalie doing the splits on the left post. Rollocks’ 7 yard rebound had the goalie block as well. 54 minutes

had OBD Khody Ellis receive a pass and his 12 yard shot on the left was saved by the sprawling goalie.

OBD Anthony Doran shot the 15 yard rebound from the right over the open net. 90 minutes had

TFCA Glen Muenkat take a 20 yard freekick from the far left that missed the top right corner of the net.


This was the first TFCA home game I’ve seen this year. Most games are held early Sunday afternoons which

I can’t get to at the KIA Training Centre in Downsview. This game was rescheduled from the preliminary listing

I saw as Sunday May 29th. TFCA assistant coach Phil Boerger said OBD wanted to play

a night game because a lot of their players are older (working I suspect). They could not play at KIA because

there are no lights. Boerger speculated it was because they are so close to the Downsview Airport which

is still used for freight flights. Hmm after getting home I realized I’ve seen night games at

Downsview Park—just outside the airport runways—which have stadium lights. One CSL game in 2012 had

TFCA play the Montreal Academy (while the KIA facility was under construction) and the game had to be

rescheduled because they couldn’t find anyone from the city with the key to open the power box.

Sheridan College where OBD play their home games doesn’t have stadium lights either so their games

are Sunday afternoons.


TFCA’s record falls to 7 wins, 8 losses, 2 ties for 23 points which places them fifth in the eight team

Western Conference.


OBD’s record improves to 6 wins, 7 losses, 4 ties for 22 points in sixth position in the West.

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