April 30, 2016 League 1 Ontario–Vaughan Azzurri vs North Toronto Nitros

Result and details of the League 1 Ontario game between Vaughan Azzurri

 and North Toronto Nitros played Saturday April 30, 2016 at MacNaughton Turf

 in Vaughan at 3:00pm.


24 min…VA Brandon Mills GOAL…VA Jonathan Lao gives Mills a short pass and

 he blasts a 25 yard shot from the right that goalie Mark Rogal gets a hand

 to but is just under the bar in the center of the net.


63 min…NTN Jayden Doyle wins Penalty kick when he’s bumped over by a defender

 inside the left side of box.


64 min…NTN Abdellah Elchanti blasts low Penalty kick down middle that

 sprawling goalie Andrew D’Souza blocks.


66 min…VA Jarek Whiteman GOAL…VA Jonathan Lao takes cornerkick from left

 that Whiteman flicks his foot to while turned around at 6 yards stepping away

 from goal and the ball tips into the short side of net.


68 min…NTN Anthony Sousa GOAL…NTN forwards and VA defenders head ball

 back and forth multiple times in the VA box and Sousa finishes with 6 yard

 header down the middle into the right side of net.


Final Score:…Vaughan Azzurri……..2……North Toronto Nitros…….1…..


Attendance was about 100 with split fan support on this mild afternoon with

 a bright sun in the west.


Referee Fabrizio Stasolla gave out four Yellow cards, two to each team

 in a game that wasn’t too rough.


Vaughan started off dominating the game playing much of the first half

 in the Nitros end. The second half had Nitros playing much better and they

 had a chance of tying the game a few times near the end. On the scoring sheet

 they could have tied on their Penalty kick chance but the shot was saved

 and within two minutes Azzurri had driven downfield and increased their

 lead to two goals. Nitros got one back soon after but couldn’t catch up.


Best non-scoring chances were at 43 minutes when VA Devante Walker was given

 a pass up the right between defenders and his 18 yard shot was stopped

 by the sprawling goalie at 5 yards. VA Brandon Mills followed up with

 an 18 yard rebound blast well over the net. 48 minutes had NTN Nikolay Savaliev

 rush down the left sideline and cross over the goalie and defender

 Joseph Amato headed away. NTN Faizal Al-Hamdan blasted this clearance from

 18 yards from the right that the goalie caught. 57 minutes had Savaliev

 given a back heel pass down the left and his cross from 20 yards was over

 the goalie and banked off the bar and the defenders were able to clear out

 the right side. 62 minutes had NTN Niba MacDonald rush down the middle and

 blast a 28 yard shot past the sprawling goalie just wide left of the post. 

 A minute after the Sousa goal NTN Abdellah Elchanti recovered a partial

 clearance and shot a 15 yarder off the right post which the defenders were

 then able to clear. 78 minutes had Sousa fed a short through ball pass

 on the left and his low 10 yard shot had the sliding goalie push wide left

 of the post.  89 minutes had NTN Matthew Roseland bend a ball through

 the 6 yard box from the right just steps ahead of two charging NTN players

 closing on the right post.


This was the first League 1 Ontario game for North Toronto Nitros who have

 a strong affiliation with the University of Toronto. I counted five

 players from today’s roster who were with the 2015 U of T team. Their home

 games will be played at Varsity Stadium on the school’s campus

 in downtown Toronto.


Vaughan Azzurri are well known as a home for players attending York University

 on Toronto’s northern city limits. Today’s lineup had five players from

 the 2015 school roster which is the defending Canadian University champions.

 York also were the CIS champs in 2014. I expect there will be more York

 players on the roster throughout this season.


New players include the Mills brothers—Brandon, Jason, and Jashua. They all

 played for League 1 Ontario side ANB Futbol last season. I asked Brandon

 after the game why they came as a package to Azzurri and he answered that

 although they don’t go to York U they wanted to come the team with the best

 chance of winning. Wow, they just make the team stronger! Their father Wayne

 has followed them over and is listed as one of the team officials.


I asked League 1 chair Dino Rossi after the game why ANB Futbol didn’t return

 to the men’s team after a two year run, nor the women’s side after the

 league’s initial season and he said it was their team officials’ decision

 that they wanted to concentrate on their core values but it doesn’t mean

 they’ll never return. I suggested if the league gets to 30 teams with pro/rel

 they can operate at division 2 level on their budget.


Vaughan moves into a tie with Durham United FA for first place in the Eastern

 Conference after one game. Hmm, they are geographically ‘west’ of Yonge Street

 in Toronto so I’ll have to move my boundaries slightly to more of a zig zag

 and Sanjaxx Lions of the ‘West’ are east of Yonge Street.

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