April 30, 2016 League 1 Ontario–North Mississauga Panthers vs Sigma FC

Result and details of the League 1 Ontario game between North Mississauga Panthers and Sigma FC played Saturday April 30, 2016 at Hershey Centre Field #2 in Mississauga at 7:00pm.


10 min…Sigma Leaford Allen GOAL…Sigma Kadell Thomas on right dekes defender and rolls cross from 12 yards on right into 6 yard box. Allen spins and kicks low 6 yard shot into center of net.


16 min…Sigma Marcel Zajac GOAL…Sigma Kadell Thomas eludes defender on right and crosses from 25 yards. Zajac at 10 yards blasts shot that’s blocked by defender. Zajac recovers to blast another 10 yard shot from left into right side of net.


38 min…Sigma Leaford Allen GOAL…Sigma Alex Halis cornerkick from right has Allen shoot in low 8 yarder.


44 min…Sigma Kadell Thomas dekes two defenders and second defender turns and grabs him earning a whistle from referee Hassain Rifai, a Yellow card for NMP Tremayne Julian, and a Penalty kick.


45 min…Sigma Alex Hallis GOAL…Halis blasts Penalty kick low to left and goalie Daniel Gosciniak dives right.


53 min…Sigma Aaron D’Souza GOAL…Sigma Marcel Zajac cornerkick from right is over players in box. D’Souza all alone at 15 yards on left blasts midair shot into top right corner of net.


84 min…NMP Andres Duenas GOAL…NMP Jose Melo low cross from 25 yards on far right has Duenas boot low 10 yarder into center of net.


85 min…NMP Jose Melo GOAL…Melo takes low 25 yard shot through crowd of players up the middle and beyond diving goalie Corey Marques into left side of net.


88 min…Sigma RED Card…Sean Merrick earns a direct ejection after a Sigma player gave him a pass on the left side of the box and it looked like he either kicked or stepped on goalie Daniel Gosciniak who had dived and smothered the ball at 15 yards.


Final Score:…North Mississauga Panthers…..2……Sigma FC…..5……


Attendance was about 250 on this cool evening which grew colder quickly as the night wore on. This was a ‘home’ game for the Panthers although Sigma FC also uses the Hershey Centre as their home grounds.


Referee Hassain Rifai gave out five Yellow cards (three to Sigma) as well as the Red to Sigma and awarded Sigma a Penalty kick in a game that really wasn’t chippy.


The Sigma trainer came on to the field to treat any injured NMP players. He’d just finished treating a NMP player at 14 minutes and hadn’t worked his way back to the bench when he had to help another at 17 minutes then soon after a Sigma player. It could be said that both NMP goals were scored while Sigma was shorthanded before their Red card as the trainer was treating an injured Sigma defender behind their end line from 83 minutes and they’d used their five substitutes.


Sigma FC is an academy that continues to churn out players. Cyle Larin was the first round pick in the MLS draft in 2015 and set their league record for most goals by a rookie for expansion side Orlando City. That same team chose Sigma’s Richard Laryea in the first round of the 2016 draft. Younger brother Reggie Laryea is a Sigma starter this year. Sigma has to win their early games for any chance of winning a title as they will lose players to American universities in August. Laryea and Marcel Zajac will both be attending the University of Akron this year. By last October Sigma was using their high schoolers!


Double scoring Leaford Allen played for League 1 Ontario Pro Stars FC last year. I remember him having one frustrating game last season as the lone forward lacking service. This game he had providers! Kadell Thomas was practically unstoppable running up the wing and feeding in crosses.


This was the first League 1 Ontario game for North Mississauga. The team fielded a team in the first year of the women’s league last season and the only women’s game I saw last year was them winning the League Cup beating Vaughan Azzurri. Club president Trevor Bertrand assured me he has no relatives on the men’s team after I said I watched his two daughters and a niece on his ‘championship’ team.


The Panthers are coached by hometown favourite Rick Titus who’s had a long career from the end of the 1980s with teams in the MLS, A-League, USL, CPSL/CSL and NPSL indoor league and a coaching stint with the Toronto FC Academy.


I don’t know the younger players but I may say this team has brought in players who I’ve watched with CSL League experience with defender Antoine Paul from


Mississauga Eagles and North York Astros/Vasis between 2011 and 2013, defender/forward Shawn Brown with Serbian White Eagles, Miss. Eagles, SC Waterloo, and Toronto Croatia between 2010 and 2014, midfielder Jose De Sousa with Miss Eagles and Astros Vasis between 2011 to 2013, and forward Joey Melo with MLS Toronto FC between 2007 and 2009 and Miss Eagles and NY Astros between 2011 and 2013. David Alva played for Pro Stars FC last season (and even CSL SC Toronto in 2011 with Sigma’s Alex Halis!).


When I arrived I was surprised to see a bubble/dome erected on Field #1 as I didn’t know the facility had one. I asked NMP head coach Rick Titus who was filling out the game roster which field they’d use tonight. When he said Field #2 I turned around to my car and switched from my windbreaker to my parka and touque. League 1 chair Dino Rossi said the Panthers like to play on #2 as there’s more seating, a better pitch (according to them), and it won’t show the effects of the bubble which will be standing for a few more weeks. June 11th has both Sigma and North Mississauga playing home games on #1 and #2 within hours.


Sigma FC opens the season in first place in the West as this was the first game of the opening weekend in that Conference.

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