ANB romp to 3-0 victory over Lions

Results and details of the Sunday May 24, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between Sanjaxx Lions
and ANB Futbol played at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York at 9:00pm.

21 min…ANB Belrum Vartanian GOAL…Vartanian rushes on right from 30 yard line and
from 18 yards on right blasts low shot that finds open left corner of net beyond
goalie Matthew Zaikos.

32 min…ANB Jason Mills GOAL…Mills is given a pass forward on left at 30 yards from
ANB Jackson Tooke and runs by defender, with goalie coming out to cut down angle, he shoots
low shot from 10 yards into the right side of the net.

92 min…ANB Blake Jones GOAL…ANB Lucas Gesualdi pokes ball forward through defenders
from 22 yards and Jones at 12 yards in middle redirects ball into right side of net beyond
sprawling goalie.

Final Score:….Sanjaxx Lions………0……..ANB Futbol……..3……

Attendance was about 80 on this warm, humid night with a feel that rain would fall
anytime but it was dry the whole game.

Adam Hewitt earned the shutout for ANB. It was his first start. Regular goalie
Ali Ghazanfari was injured in one of ANB’s academy games. That is the same circumstance
as 15 year old Adonijah Reid who scored in their first two League 1 games.

Both teams had many opportunities to score. Lions had a few breakaways set up by bad
clearance deflections but their players had a problem accurately shooting on net,
be called offside, or had fast ANB defenders retreating and catching their forwards
before they had a chance to shoot. ANB forwards had good rushing skills but often had
the last defender break up their play or shoot off target themselves.

Ben Jacobs gave out only one yellow card to each team in a game that did have some
rough and clumsy challenges.

Best non-scoring chances were at 8 minutes when ANB Belrum Vartainian pushed a pass
forward for ANB Jason Mills and his 12 yard poiknt blank shot was saved by the goalie.
ANB Brandon Mills blasted the partial clearance from 25 yards on the right wide left
on a deflection off a sliding defender. 11 minutes had Lions Joel Anderson fed a low
through ball up the middle and he had a low 15 yard shot blocked by the sliding goalie
at 10 yards. Anderson then blasted the midair rebound well over the net. 27 minutes
had Lions Frank Brown given a through ball pass on his own side of the center line
and he raced to 35 yards up the middle and shot low and the sliding goalie tipped the
ball at 28 yards and a retreating defender got back to prevent a cornerkick call.
34 minutes had the ANB goalie goalie fumble a catch attempt from the right at 15 yards
and Anderson shot wide left of the open net from 18 yards. One minute later Lions Brown
recovered a deflected ball and alone at 15 yards rolled his shot wide left of the post.
61 minutes had ANB Brandon Mills take a 40 yard freekick from the right that had
ANB Vartanian head a 10 yarder even with the left post that the goalie smothered
at 2 yards after the ball rolled loose after his first save. 68 minutes had
Lions Lael Daniel on the left roll a through ball to Frantz Bill in the middle and his
low 12 yard shot was saved point blank by the diving goalie.

Sanjaxx are playing seven of their home games at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York
while their others are at Monarch Park on the eastern edge of downtown Toronto. They have
their own DJ who spun R&B and Rap hits. It made a change from hearing the common FIFA
fanfare music at every game to instead have Coolio’s ‘Gangster’s Paradise’ playing
as the teams marched out to start the game. The only problem I had was Sanjaxx wearing
yellow shirts with white numbers which were hard to see. I identified them by their
hairstyles or the colour of their shoes as well as my binoculars. Navy coloured numbers
to match their shorts would have been a natural.

Sanjaxx has now lost all five games they’ve played only scoring twice and letting
in 16 goals. ANB improves to 2 wins, 1 tie, 0 losses after tonight.

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Robin Glover

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