ANB Futbol squeak past Kingston Clippers

Results and details of the Saturday May 2, 2015 League 1 Ontario game between ANB Futbol
and Kingston Clippers played at The Day Country School in King City at 9:00pm.

86 min…ANB Adonijah Reid GOAL…ANB Sam Atashin rolls a pass from 35 yards on the left
and Reid blasts low 20 yarder on right to left corner of net past  goalie Max Materne
sliding at 8 yards in center of net.

Final Score:…ANB Futbol………1……..Kingston Clippers…….0…….

Attendance was about 50 on this mild evening with the temperature cooling rapidly
in the second half.  This was the first game of the season for both teams on this
opening weekend at the start of the second year of operations for League 1 Ontario.

Best non-scoring chances were at 21 minutes when Clippers Eric Koskins got a 10 yard
shot from the far right over the sliding ANB goalie Ali Ghazanfari and a defender
cleared on the left post that he shanked the ball back and the fallen goalie caught.
23 minutes had ANB Jahsua Mills take a 30 yard freekick up the middle that deflected
off the player wall that the goalie leaned back towards the center of the net to swat
the ball down then pick it up.  34 minutes had ANB Jason Mills tap a ball on a run
down the middle over to ANB Belrum Vartanian on the right and he lofted a 20 yard shot
over the goalie but just wide left of the post.  Three minutes later ANB Brandon Mills
(yes there a three brothers) received a pass from the right and rolled an 18 yard
shot up the middle that hit the outside of the right post.   44 minutes had ANB Jason
and Jahsua Mills combine for two passes and two shots that included the goalie block
one on a sliding save at 5 yards.  49 minutes had Clippers Toni El-Asmar’s freekick
from 35 yards on the right had the goalie leap to grab the ball off the head
of a Clippers player.  57 minute had ANB Adonijah Reid get by the goalie and his
7 yard shot was saved by a defender.  76 minutes had a Clippers player shoot a 25
yarder from a partial clearance up the middle that goalie goalie palmed up and wide
right of the post.  81 minutes had ANB Jason Mills take a low shot from 20 yards that
the diving goalie blocked on the left post and smother before a sliding Reid could get
to the loose ball.

Referee Scott Miliquet gave out four Yellow cards (three to Clippers) that I counted
in a game that wasn’t too rough.  Clippers Greg Simmons suffered a serious leg injury
in a bump with ANB defender Shiquan Lowe at 47 minutes and had to be carried off
the field.

Adonijah Reid scored the only goal of the game.  He came in at the start of the second
half.  He is only 15 years old!   He is expected to be the youngest player in the
league to get regular playing time.  He said in a post game interview for the league
that he was nervous at the start but calmed down.  Head coach Bassam Naim said Reid
is still with ANB because although he’s already tried out for a few European teams
he doesn’t have the papers yet to play overseas.  Naim said he does not plan on using
University players so they can have a consistant lineup through the season and wants
to have 90% of the team coming through training with the youth ranks of the ANB Academy.
He says with this year’s team they are working in six or seven new players in the lineup.

Clippers assistant coach Chris Eveleigh said in his post-match interview with the
league that he is optmistic about this first test  but they have a lot to work on.

It was a tough loss for the Clippers.  The goal was scored so late that it only
gave them 7 minutes of regular and stoppage time to try and get the equalizer.  They were
then forced to endure a three hour trip east to Kingston in a common amber coloured school
bus and the water in the showers at Country Day School were not working.

The Clippers still have not officially won a league game since the league started last year.
They did beat Internacional de Toronto 5-3 but that result was erased when that franchise
was terminated by the league in midseason.  They beat ANB Futbol 2-1 in a Cup game at their
home field last year.   The Clippers look stronger this year and I’d expect a few wins
within the next month.

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