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We have a very small editorial staff who are dedicated to ensuring that articles come out with the proper categories, proper capitalization, understandable grammar, and generally with the proper spelling of names. With so many different teams, in depth editing is not really possible for most articles, so occasionally there may be errors or misspelling. Feel free to contact an editor if you notice something that is factually incorrect or spelled wrong. If you disagree with the opinions in the article, feel free to contact the editors with your own rebuttal article, and we’ll be happy to publish it too!

Our Editorial & Website Volunteer Staff


Shawn Gray

Shawn Gray has had a varied background, reflecting a life dedicated to learning and exploration. Having spent time living in 7 distinct cities of various sizes and character, Shawn adapts to his location and always aims to make the best of any situation.

While in Ottawa, Shawn fell in love with Ottawa Fury FC, which led to him writing soccer-related articles for Northern Starting Eleven. A brief relocation to Victoria, British Columbia, gave him the opportunity to cheer on Victoria Highlanders FC. He stepped in to acquire NSXI and was able to recruit additional authors from across the country to write about the soccer teams they love.

Recently, Shawn returned to Greater Sudbury, Ontario with his wife and toddler. Employed as an Administrative Assistant, he continues to own & edit articles on Northern Starting XI while cheering on his favourite teams from afar.

Follow Shawn on Twitter or send him an e-mail.

Nathanael Martin

Nathanael is a Political Theory MA graduate Not-For-Profit Professional who spends way too much of his time reading about, writing on, and watching the beautiful game.

After playing soccer throughout childhood, his love was rekindled when Toronto FC gave him the opportunity to cheer for a local soccer team on the national stage. Since then, he has become passionate about Canadian soccer and the development of Canadian players through the Toronto Academy system and other branches of Canadian soccer.

Follow Nathanael on Twitter or send him an e-mail.

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