A good win, VAR

FC Edmonton at Indy Eleven

A good win.

No other way of putting it, really. From start to finish this was a good little win that the Eddies can tuck away into their back pocket and hopefully carry forward. I know the last couple posts were a little dark and gloomy, and I have a few more #MillerOut related thoughts for this post, but after this I’m done until the off season.

In a nutshell, everyone needs to have their feet put to the fire every once in a while. Hell, this last year or so, my own toes have been getting awfully toasty in my personal life. Everyone needs someone in their corner sometimes as well though, and I just want us, as a fan base, to try to keep a good balance of this. Go to bat for guys if you think it’s a temporary poor run of form, but not just accept mediocrity either (or else that’s all we’ll get!).

There are capable replacements for Miller (if need be – not yet) – whether that comes from looking internally (on an interim basis, but with potential to stay on) or whether that means looking into the other semi-professional leagues in the country (Foothills, perhaps?). I understand that Miller has a little bit of clout and a pedigree in this country, but the same thinking about proven players may be applicable to coaches as well. The problem with being proven is just that – you are already proven. Now for some that’s fine, and they have that internal fire that will keep going regardless – but sometimes that spark is stronger in someone who’s name no one knows – precisely because no one knows their name.

But, as I said, it was a good win. For tonight, at least, CM can thank the boys for getting the job done for him. Indy has now officially become my favourite opponent. They just seem like a city that has a similar sort of ethos as Edmonton.

Farago had a solid outing. I still am very much sold on Ingham long term, but it’s good to see Tyson rounding into form a little bit. Indy’s only goal was a world class free kick – one of the nicest I’ve seen in my time following NASL. I can’t fault Farago for not getting there – he wasn’t far off.

Who knows – maybe the players got wind of the supporters’ disappointment with the offence, because it really looked like they had been working on it in training – especially at the beginning of the second half. Some real nice open attacking football – players making runs off the ball and a little more nuanced and unpredictable than I’m used to watching from the Eddies. Hats off.

Good offensive teams have players who can beat guys one on one, and we saw that from the FCEd tonight.

I was happy to see Corea getting “to the dirty areas” on his second, and I really like that he was willing to take a tumble to put it away. If this is a sign of things to come, I’m very excited about the type of player he could end up being for us. When your skilled players play with grit it almost always bodes well for the team as a whole – and he’s most definitely a skilled player.

I really can’t stress enough how blown away I was by the offence the eddies showed in this game. It wasn’t just the scoreline, but the way the offense was coming (particularly on the left flank). Maybe it’s the Fordcye effect, and I don’t want to get too carried away, but perhaps there is still something salvageable from this season. It’s a tall order, but, on the bright side, Miami FC lost today, and I feel like the Cosmos demons have mostly been exorcised by the Eddies.

I’ll remain cautiously optimistic, for now.

Anyways, I thought we would switch gears for a minute and talk about VAR(Video Assisted Refereeing, for you laymen and laywomen). I stumbled upon a clip from the Dutch Eredivisie (between Feyenoord and Vitesse for those interested), who just debuted VAR. And before I finished the clip I could already smell the stink of the VAR haters crawling out of the woodwork.

Vitesse had a player brought down in the box in what was (upon further review) a clear penalty – but the official missed the call on the field. Feyenoord’s keeper immediately picked it up and threw it down the field for a counter attack, which Feyenoord scored on. But it’s at this point that the penalty is confirmed by the VAR – and the play called back for the penalty – and Feyenoord’s goal disallowed (because it came after the penalty).

This seems colossally stupid to me. I don’t understand why Feyenoord should be punished for what is essentially the timing of their goal. The ref missed the call(it happens) and the correct call was then made, through the review – good. But why shouldn’t the counter-attacking goal from Feyenoord just stand and then go back and award the penalty??

I realize it’s odd to go back and get a penalty kick goal for a play before a goal for the other team, but isn’t that really the best option?? The run of play was not disturbed (which is good) and there wasn’t a bunch of time spent looking at the replay(also good), but this will obviously happen from time to time, and we can’t go disallowing goals just because a play from 2 minutes ago got called back – that’s insanity, and goes against the spirit of fairness of VAR in the first place.

Hopefully this is a minor wrinkle that is ironed out by league ownership worldwide – as it seems like some form of VAR is inevitable at this point.

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Guillermo Del Quarto

Guillermo Del Quarto

Guillermo Quarto hails from the wilderness city, Whitehorse, Yukon - In Canada's great white north. He is heavily involved with his hometown club of Whitehorse FC, as well as the world-renowned Yukon Soccer Metro League. He is an amateur artist hoping to leave his mark on the tapestry that is Canadian Soccer. He spends his summers in Edmonton, Alberta with his lovely wife, is an active Voyageur, and FC Edmonton Supporter.

One thought on “A good win, VAR

  • mimglow
    August 6, 2017 at 12:41 pm

    Gotta disagree with you there, Mr. Del Quarto. Anything that happens after a missed called is invalidated, once it’s been corrected. You absolutely must treat it as if it never happened, because that’s how it would have gone down if the right call was made. Feyenoord got possession of the ball illegally, hence their goal cannot stand.

    VAR is a time machine, and you can’t live with parallel universes.

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