#2 Toronto FC Top 2014 Moments

2. Gilberto amazing FK goal vs NYRB

Former Brazilian DP Gilberto seemed to be the odd man out amongst the other DPs. Always putting in more than his fair share of effort but never getting his reward. Snake bitten, if you will. But on a summers night in Harrison, New Jersey, that was all about to change. 

TFC was awarded a free kick from approximately 20 yards or so, and based on the free kick pecking order, unlucky Gilberto was no where near the top. Nevertheless, Gilberto picked up the ball and walked it over to the spot the ref signaled the kick should be taken from. Needless to say, Jermain Defoe, who likely never thought much of Ol’ Gil, took exception to the Brazilian claiming the kick as his own. The two had some words and Defoe went so far as punching the ball out of Gilberto’s hands. Fans held their breath, almost half anticipating an on field dust up between the two high priced DPs.

What happened next left the collective fan base of Toronto FC picking up their jaws from the ground.

Gilberto placed the ball and took a few steps back. With a stutter step and a couple of twinkle toes, Gilberto ran up and struck the ball with brute force. The missile he launched had no curve, no finesse; just pure unadulterated power. Gilberto’s goalless streak ended in highlight reel fashion, beating a stunned Luis Robles and giving the Reds a 2-1 lead. All Jermain Defoe could do was smile and laugh, Ol’ Gil sure showed him.

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