12 Nov 16 – Interprovincial Cup, 2nd-Leg

Result and details of the Saturday November 12, 2016 game between Vaughan Azzurri and CS Mont Royal Outremont Griffons played at Pickering Soccer Centre in Pickering at 5:00pm. This was the second leg of the Canadian Division 3 National Championship for the Inter-Provincial Cup.

15 min…VA Shiquan Lowe GOAL…VA Jashua Mills sends in low cornerkick from left and Lowe shoots low 20 yarder through crowd of players into left corner of net beyond diving goalie Jason Stock.

40 min…MRO Jean Pierre Ritch Andy GOAL…MRO Abdelmouhaimen Nboucha taps pass over to Ritch Andy who rolls 10 yarder into left corner of net.

66 min…VA Jason Mills earns Yellow card for sliding tackle on MRO Sean Rosa inside VA box. Referee Brian Butler also awards MRO a Penalty kick.

67 min…MRO Maxime Oliveri GOAL…Oliveri blasts Penalty kick low to left corner of net beyond diving Colm Vance.

Final Score:….Vaughan Azzurri……1…….CS Mont Royal Outremont Griffons…..2

MRO win the two game series 3-2 after the first leg last week ended in a 1-1 tie. Away goal rules applied in that a tie result would then double the away goals so the game was pretty much over when MRO scored their second goal because that meant Vaughan had to score two goals with less than 30 minutes to go not to lose. The MRO second goal assured there’d be no extra time.

[Not that it ended up mattering but I was told before the game that away goals would not disappear after regulation so if today’s game had ended up 1-1 (only way to force extra time) if both teams scored once in extra time, MRO would win because they’d have scored more away goals]. Just slightly different than the MLS league.

The game was held at Pickering Soccer Centre which is an indoor facility. Although it was supposedly 8 C outside I was grateful that this game was not in the cold and windy conditions of the parking lot. The first game in Montreal was at a similar indoor facility.

Attendance looked to me about 250 noisy fans. L1O commissioner Dino Rossi estimated 300 including about 50 traveling supporters. Bylaw capacity is supposedly 450. Lots of young kids were there in Vaughan soccer jerseys with Thundersticks but they ended up using them as swords against each other down in one end of the stands. Others in the crowd were chanting “V-S-C” for Vaughan Soccer Club which to me from a distance sounded like “T-F-C” for the MLS team in these parts. Dino had to translate that for me.

This was a rough game throughout with referee Brian Butler giving out six Yellow cards in total (four to MRO) including four in the first half to try and keep this game under control. There were lots of sliding tackles and knock overs. Both teams’ trainers were called to treat injuries although no player actually left the game because of an injury .

MRO player Maxime Oliveri was awarded the MVP for the two game series. The L1O write up of this game says he passed the ball for their goal from open play but I asked goalscorer Ritch Andy and he said it was Nboucha who passed him the ball. At this time the website for the Livestream replay of the game only has saved the game’s last two minutes and the players running on the field after the game so I can’t replay anything earlier than that. Sean Rosa scored the MRO goal in the first game. I’d say this game Oliveri did get away a few good shots.

The Penalty awarded I felt was justified as VA Jason Mills slid and tripped MRO Sean Rosa in the box as he ran even with the 15 yard line from the right and was ready to cut in a shot. Vaughan had been awarded and scored an equalizer on a Penalty kick in the first leg last weekend to escape Montreal with a 1-1 tie.

Best non-scoring chances (would like to replay this game to fill in some details) were at 12 minutes when an MRO player’s freekick from 30 yards in the middle rolled to right and was crossed into the box and the goalie jumped on the left post to make a catch. Next minute had VA Jason Mills roll a pass along the 18 yard line from the left and VA Jarek Whiteman blasted a low shot that the goalie dove to save at 5 yards. 25 minutes had VA Shiquan Lowe roll a 15 yard shot from the left just wide right of the post. 33 minutes had MRO Maxime Oliveri’s cornerkick from the right had MRO Jean Pierre Ritch Andy head an 8 yarder from the left over the net. 48 minutes had Oliveri’s cornerkick from the right and an MRO player in a crowd of players in the box headed a 10 yarder over the bar. 53 minutes had VA Jarred Phillips pass back to VA Brandon Mills who shot a 25 yarder that deflected off a defender at 18 yards and the goalie pushed the ball wide left of the post. 73 minutes had VA Brandon Mills take a 22 yard freekick from the left that hit the left post. VA Phillips rebound from 10 yards in a crowd of players was caught by the goalie. Extra time with VA pressing found MRO Oliveri being pushed a through ball pass and and his 12 yard shot was stopped point blank by the sprawling goalie.

There is an advantage for Vaughan Azzurri to have such a large roster. Although York University lost in the semi-finals of the OUA (Ontario Univesity Association) playoffs last week this week they were playing in the CIS (Canadian University) tournament in Guelph Ontario. There is a great overlap of players. Their last weeks have gone like this: OUA playoffs October 30th beat Western Mustangs 3-0 in a home game, November 5th beat U of Toronto Varsity Blues 1-0 at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough (Toronto), next day lost the championship 3-1 against University of Guelph Griffins also at Birchmount.

This weekend…Thursday lose to Alberta Golden Bears 2-0, Friday beat U of Toronto 4-1, today (and that meant 4:00pm in Guelph) lose to UBC Thunderbirds 2-1 in the consolation final game. Wow three games in two and a half days! Even that would require a large roster. Vaughan head coach Carmine Isaaco who is also head coach of York was away at that game this afternoon.

Hey both CSMRO Griffons and University of Guelph Gryphons (mythical fire breathing flying dragons) beat Vaughan Azzurri/York University out of a championship!

It was pointed out to me before the game that MRO captain/defender Abraham Francois was 39 years old. That name did sound familiar. I looked back and saw that his previous teams included Ottawa Wizards 2002, Montreal Impact 2003-2005, Toronto Lynx 2005, Laval Dynamites 2006-2008, and MRO since 2013. That was a Wikipedia search I made after I got home and I found out that the reference to five of the eight entries linked with my own web page!

MRO had been the Quebec representatives last year and they lost to Oakville Blue Devils in the two game championship. (Interesting that OBD were the only team that beat Vaughan in League and Cup play this year) The MRO team was more experienced just in having eight players return from the 2015 team and all of their coaching staff this year from their 2015 edition. Last year’s Ontario leg was played outdoors but eleven days earlier.

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